Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Packing day & CA pics

Packing day is upon us!  The movers will be here any minute and I think they might heave a heavy sigh when they see what they have to do.  We came home yesterday at 10am and have been working on the house ever since.  Thankfully we did get a good nights sleep to make up for the "red-eye" flight.

I don't know what my posting will be like the next couple of days, so here are a couple more pics from CA.

This is the nearby lighthouse.

Nice view!

Not long after this picture, we saw a whale surface.  Cool!  It was far away, so we only saw it's back and spray from it's air hole.  Still cool!

Our new church building.  It looks familiar with some of the local flavor.  I like that the organ pipes are exposed in the chapel too.  Our new ward shares time with the Chinese branch then there is one other ward that attends later.

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