Friday, August 12, 2011

Myrtle Beach time with my girls

What a lovely day at the beach! Well, a couple of hours at the beach at least. We left this morning, arrived around 2 and on the beach shortly after. Then because of dark clouds, cool breezes and hunger, we decided to go in for a little while. We cleaned up, had pizza, and vegged. Great!! But of course the beach called to us so we answered with an evening walk.
A trip to Wal-mart took care of late night needs and gave us some things for the next couple days.
By the time we got home, Dad and Matt, finally arrived.
Almost complete. The boys will be coming late tonight after Jacob picks Joey up at the airport. They should arrive around 3 am. Ugh!
Abi was too tired, I think, to get in the picture.


All together again, tomorrow!

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