Friday, September 9, 2011

Is it worth it?

We are connected to the world again!  The internet was hooked up for us yesterday and I'm just now sitting to write about my absent days from the blog.

It's been a hard week, to put it bluntly.  Remember how everything was running so smoothly with the move?  Well, after a day unpacking in our house, I called to say that our air conditioning wasn't working.  "Oh no, you don't have any.  Sorry for the misunderstanding."  Silly me thought that a thermostat on the wall that had the words heat and cool meant that you could either heat or cool.  And unfortunately that nice weather that we were enjoying before turned into a mini heat wave (upper 90s with no breeze).  That was the day I thought I might lose it.  Thankfully, summer is almost over and the stores still had floor fans in stock.

 But I don't think I would want to trade with my husband who was wrapping things up at work and church this week and getting ready to start his new job on Monday.  Everyone is being so sweet to him and even crying over his leaving that I think it is making it more difficult for him.  Today was his last bittersweet day.  When I spoke with him over the phone, I could tell he was tired and maybe a little sad. I feel bad that he has to do that all without us there to support him.  But, it will certainly be nice to be living as a family again.

This is why it is all worth it-our family.  We have been very blessed with wonderful friends and experiences in North Carolina that have strengthened our family.  We knew that we had been led to that wonderful place for a reason and in hind sight we can see many blessings that could have only come to us through those people and those experiences.  Moving there so far away from everything we knew was totally worth it.

Now, we are being led to new friends and new experiences that will further enrich our lives and strengthen our family.  There will be bumps in the road just as there were with previous moves but we will be the better for them.  We'll continue our faith that Heavenly Father has a plan for us.  His hand has been evident in the past so if we look to Him, he'll continue to show us the way. 
 Strengthening our family makes it all totally worth it.

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