Sunday, October 2, 2011

Come listen to a prophet's voice

We had the great opportunity to listen to a prophets voice this weekend.  Every six months we have General Conference that is broadcast from Salt Lake City.  Thankfully we have programming that allows us to watch it at home.

Here are a few tid-bits that I took note of:
  • loved President Packer's poem of the young and old crow.  Wish I knew short hand.
  • We suffer temptations because of our physical nature, but it is also our physical nature that gives us power over Satan--President Packer
  • You matter. You are not invisible to God--Elder Uchtdorf
  • speaking to the youth: texting is in preparation to do family history work--Elder Bednar.
  • The commandment to multiply and replenish the earth has not been revoked--Elder Anderson 
  • Look up, step up, then cheer up--Elder Cook

It's great that we can watch the prophet from the comfort of our home.

  • We become more like the Savior as we become like a little child, submissive and meek, willing to suffer what ever the Father requires of us--Elder Hales
  • We can't claim that Jesus is just a good moral teacher.  He did not leave that open to us for he claimed to be the Son of God.  So either he is who he says he is or he is a mad man--Elder Callister and Elder Oaks
  • When standing alone, the Bible has many interpretations.  But when coupled with The Book of Mormon, there is a single line of interpretation between the two.  One supports the other--Elder Callister
  • Men, the best thing for your daughter is to love and honor your wife so that she will not settle for less herself--Sister Dalton
  • The manner of happiness is found in the temple--Sister Dalton
  • Although the rules of the world have changed, the laws of God have not changed--President Monson
Joseph took notes on his "pad".

  • Don't be discouraged.  Look behind you and see how far you've come.--Brother Ricardson
  • Through your love (of others) you are a partner to God--Elder Yamashita
  • It's never too late to choose eternal life through our choices--Elder Bennett
  • It is contrary to the economy of heaven to do for us what we can do for ourselves--Elder Cornish
  • We are God's hands here on the earth--President Monson
I'm so grateful for the inspiration that has filled me and lifted me.  I'm really looking forward to getting it in print so that I can rediscover other nuggets of wisdom that I was too slow to record.

If you didn't get to watch or are just interested you can go here.

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