Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fitz & Floyd are not safe in my house

Another one bites the dust!  It's what to be expected when raising a family, I guess.
I fell in love with these colorful Fitz & Floyd birds a long time ago.  I first saw them in a big department store with a price that I couldn't afford. 
 But I could buy a small plate (it now has a chip). 
 Then I found a pitcher on sale.  He had a prominent place on the table until I found it smashed.
Then I mentioned in my blog this last year that I found several pieces at a consignment shop.
Well . . . . the children have struck again.
The lovely rooster that matches this hen (candle holder) was broken into tiny pieces.

On the brighter side, I'm so enjoying having our table fully extended and
 with plenty of room to walk around.   Look at that space!

I also am loving having my cute bowls out of the cupboard and on display. 
They make me smile inside.

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  1. Your bowls make me smile, too! Perfect arrangement.