Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm legal!!

After procrastinating and putting it off, I finally went to the DMV.  I guess it was because I had created this abnormal fear of going.   
First off, I just didn't want to take a test.  What if I failed?  I have kids to drive around.
Second, fear of the unknown  (I hate looking lost).
Third, I have a bad record with the DMV, or at least going there.  It seems like every time I had to take one of my kids to get their permits or their license, I would always forget something and embarrass  us both. 
Fourth, they do things different here.  I couldn't just show my birth certificate and SS card, I had to have an official copy of my marriage license since my last name is now different than when I was born.  So I had to order it on line.
The excuses can go on and on, but I finally buckled down, made and appointment, checked my papers multiple times and went. 
I'm an adult, right?
(Rachel's birthday roses to me are still amazingly beautiful after 8 days)

I don't think I had ever seen such a big DMV before.  Things went pretty smoothly but seemed all backwards.  I paid first, then took my picture, then took the test.... 
No matter, I passed!! Only missed 2.

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