Thursday, October 27, 2011

there's always tomorrow

Today started off okay until the cashier at Costco lost my membership card.  How you ask?  I had turned the divider over so that it could hold my card while I finished putting my things on the conveyor belt.  This was also to make it possible for the cashier to get the card quicker.  Well, I guess he wasn't looking and must have flung my card somewhere before he put the divider away.
Then they had to call someone over to help them find my membership number on the computer.
I was not a happy camper.
But I kept my cool and didn't say anything, cause if I got started, it would have made things worse.
Now, I have to go back sometime right as they open, so there's no lines, to take a picture for a new card.

 Then tonight, I cleaned out the fridge of old leftovers.  I thought I was slowing putting them down the drain, but apparently not slow enough.  Our sink is completely clogged.
More loveliness.
I guess I'll go tackle the laundry that's everywhere.  I know I can fix that tonight.

Tomorrow will be better.  Abby has a Halloween parade at school.  
It will be a great way to start the day.

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