Friday, October 28, 2011

parade queen in training

Thankfully, today was a much better day.  The weather was beautiful, sunny, cool and warm at the same time (nice).  I  got to exercise then go with Abby to preschool for her Halloween parade.  The following are pictures of all the cuteness.
The original costume I bought for Abby was a blue "Medieval Princess" dress.  When the kids at home read the label and kept saying she would be a medieval princess, it didn't take Abby long to say that she didn't want to be that.  I'm pretty sure she was catching the "evil" part of med-ieval.  So a pretty pink princess was in order.

Abby got into the parade persona (future parade queen) by waving to people as she passed by.  Also, I learned a lesson about 4 yr-olds and whoop skirts--teach them how to sit before going in public.

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