Sunday, October 9, 2011

We miss you NC

Thinking of another life and friends left behind.  Joseph got to fly back to NC for a special ceremony that brought a family together forever.  As their recently past bishop, he had a special relationship and love for them.  I'm grateful that he got to go and support them and see our other friends.
Tonight, I got to attend our first scout court of honor here. 
All I could think about was the troop we left behind and the comfort of knowing everyone in the room.  I think both Joseph and I got a taste of how much we miss our friends.
  As someone was asking about Rachel and Bekah adjusting, I related to them how after previous moving experiences, our older children came to be thankful for the change. 
 Although we may not feel that now, it  (hopefully) will come someday.

Below is a picture of  a road that I would often travel  to and from the high school in NC.

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