Sunday, November 13, 2011

Can't we just ship the kids here?

Our last day was full of soaking in as much of the Hawaiian magic as we could before getting back to reality.  During past vacations, we've been so anxious to get back to the kids after 5 days. But this time, after 7 days of truly enjoying ourselves, we didn't want to go home but wanted to ship the family to us.  Seeing as that Joseph needed to get back to work in order to pay for this trip and any future trip, we just decided to wait and plan for a future time that all the kids could come with us to enjoy it together.  
Sorry kids!  We'll have to wait.

 This is "Sky", a boarder collie that loves his sunglasses and his master.  He was just about jumping out of his skin to do whatever his owner wanted him to do.
The following are some of my favorite pictures of the day.

Although it was a bit cloudy and cold off and on through the day....

It never stopped being beautiful. . . 

and it made for a gorgeous last sunset.

We boarded our flight home at 11:30 pm, got upgraded to first class (traveling with Joseph is the best because of his flight points--sweet!), slept for 3 hours, then woke to a beautiful "sunrise".

Then . . . reality. . . . It has it's own kind of beauty.

But here's the best part!!
(G & G P took the kids to the Aquarium while we were gone)
Thank you G & G P!!  You guys worked really hard.  We appreciate you're willingness to serve our family so that everyone was taken care of, even us.
Thank You!!

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