Wednesday, November 9, 2011

same ole' Hawaii

Another day in paradise:
low 80s, 30% rain, lots of sunshine

Since June, many of you know that I only have sugar one day a week and haven't had chocolate or candy at all (except for Halloween).  Well, the minute that I walked into the hotel, I realized that might be difficult here.  So I decided that part of our anniversary celebration, I would have a "sugar week".  Joseph and I have been exercising or at least trying to stay active to help cancel the effect of all the good food (an sugar) we are eating. I think we are maintaining, but it doesn't help that we were both trying to lose weight before we came.  So you're probably not going to see any bathing suit pictures.  
This one will have to do.

 I had breakfast like the one on the left for 2 days then decided to go a little healthier without the hash and eggs, and yes, the bread pudding is still on my plate.  I only said a "little" healthier.
Their live lobsters live in the water under the restaurant!

Dad looks cool as he drives us to go shopping.

And yet another beautiful sunset.  Can we ever have too many?

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  1. Oh mercy...I'm just sayin'..sure miss you guys!