Thursday, November 10, 2011

pictures and a luau

We've hit the mid-week point and are still waking to beautiful mornings. 
 It never gets old.

Today, I was able to take a photography class offered by the hotel.  We received some insight and instruction from a professional, then sent to make photo magic.  Some people had major cameras with major lenses to go with them.  My pictures were taken with my little Olympus "Tough" (it can be dropped and submerged in water--great features)  I think it did just as well as the other cameras. 
The following are some of my favorite shots.

The teacher chose the rock photo below to have it printed on canvas for me tomorrow.  
Too cool!  My first work on canvas!

Then after spending a little time in the sun, Joseph and I attended
 the Luau (a must see if you ever go to Hawaii).

The day wouldn't be complete without a gorgeous sunset.

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