Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Abby's 1st time on a horse

Yesterday, Abby and I attended her friend's carnival birthday  party.  After jumping on the moon-bounce she notices a toy riding horse.  It took me a while to show her that past the trees there were real horses.  But as soon as she understood, I could see the light bulb go off in her head as her eyes got big and her mouth dropped open.  She squealed and ran to the arena.

As they helped her on "Merlin", she looked really worried.  The lady reassured her that they would only walk.  She was all smiles from there on out.

After playing the games a little bit, it was time to ride the pony again. 
  This time, Abby was thrilled to see a large brown horse named Polly.

Don't you think this place could fit right in  North Carolina?  Hard to believe it's in LA county. 
 I must confess, I had some house envy.

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