Wednesday, January 11, 2012

snow in CA!

Yep, snow.  in California.  67 degrees.
It was a special delivery just for the preschool kids.
Abby was so excited.  
That is. . . until she started going downhill.

Although it doesn't look like she liked sledding, she actually went down 4 or 5 times (funny face every time--smiles at the end). And, no, she didn't fall off the sled even though she looks like it.
 I even got to go down with her a couple of times.

Some of those kids came dressed ready for a blizzard .  It made the experience all the cuter.

Unfortunately, Rachel re-injured her foot last night (standing up?) that she broke in 8th grade and has to use crutches for a couple weeks.
On the bright side, she got to watch the snow fun.
Doesn't she look pleased that I'm recording this?

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