Wednesday, January 4, 2012

painted nails

I tell ya, I kind of avoid having my nails painted.  My nails are short and break easily.
I even avoid my daughters painting them for fun. 
 It just means that I might have to wear their paint job out in 
public because they would be upset if I took it off.   
Have you ever had little girls paint your nails?
You usually have smudges, nicks and polish all over your skin.
Well, the other night, I relented to Abby's plea.
I was amazed as I watched her slowly paint each nail then carefully take a tissue
and wipe the polish off my skin.  Now it wasn't a perfect job, but as you
can tell, it certainly doesn't look like the manicure of a 4-yr-old  


  1. How lovely. I like your new page look! Miss you guys!

  2. What a great job - Go Abby!!