Friday, January 6, 2012

Thrift store junkie

Who loves a bargain?  I do, I do!
Sometimes it's hard to pass one by.  My hubby gives me a hard time saying
that we would save more money if I just didn't spend the money.
But the best bargains I think are at the thrift stores.
The other day, I was going to Marshall"s but they weren't open yet.  Instead of waiting the
10 minutes in my car, I decided to browse the Good Will next door.  I love going into Good Will and The Salvation Army.  When I was a teenager, I wouldn't be caught dead in such a store, but it all changed when I started having kids.  You have to get over the odor and the mess.
And it takes work digging through the tightly packed clothes,
 but every now and then I find good stuff.
Almost, immediately I found these shoes. The only thing wrong with them is the missing shoe lace.
Easy to fix and they're fun (I don't normally wear shoes like this).   I couldn't pass them up for $7.  
Below, I've also included some of my other favorite (shoe) finds.
I've found clothes too, but I'm not going to model them for you.
Just let it be said that I almost have my girls converted.

These are from DSW's clearance rack for $12.

Goodwill $7.  I actually had strangers at a party come up to me and compliment me on these shoes.
It made me smile.

$5 at a shoe store clearance rack.  Lots of compliments on these too.

These were at a discount store Rugged Warehouse for $7.
I really loved how they looked (passed tense) so I bought them (they were on sale, right?) and hoped to wear them to a party,
but they hurt my feet just wearing them in my room that I knew I couldn't wear them all night.
  When I was younger, I would have toughed it out.
But age has taught me that some things are just not worth it.
I eventually gave them away.

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