Saturday, January 7, 2012

plan B works

When we moved here, I was excited to finally have a window ledge (simple pleasures).
I've always wanted to have a pretty little garden of herbs that I could use fresh.
Well, as you can tell by the picture, I haven't been too successful.   So sad!
Since I have so many other projects, my herb garden learning curve will have to wait.
For now,  an imitation ivy topiary will have to do.
Which is actually a great lesson for life.

As a matter of fact, that very thing came up a couple of days ago with Matthew.  He had researched an air-soft gun (it shoots plastic pellets) that he wanted.  So he and I drove to the store to check it out.  Unfortunately, because of his small size and the gun's big size, he was unable to cock it.  My heart broke for him.  He had his heart set on it.  On the way home, instead of being talkative like before, he was silent.

Life is like that though.  We make plans, dream, set goals, then life takes us in another direction.  The next question is what do I do now?  Am I going to wallow and feel sorry for myself, or am I going to deal with what has been dealt me.  Actually, if we take a moment to observe, life tends to be even better than we planned.  Nothing in life is arbitrary but has a purpose because we are children of a purposeful God.  The plan is for us to learn.  Either we put ourselves in the learning position or God will.  The process becomes much more productive if we just stop fighting it.

I told a couple of stories to Matthew about how plan B came out to be better than plan A.  Whether it was my stories or Matthew's sheer will to get a gun, I don't know, but when we got home, he was back on the computer researching another gun.  Found it.  Purchased it (with Dad's card, then paid him back in cash).  The gun came today to a very excited 12-yr-old.  Life's good.

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