Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There's going to be a wedding

Today was an awesome day for 2 reasons.
First, we are going to have a wedding!  There's only been one wedding 
in 14 years (my sister's son got married last year, remember?).
Our beautiful niece, Karissa (Joseph's sister's daughter), has found herself a "Prince Charming"
that has swept her off her feet.
Can you tell which of these blondies is her? haha
I know they met each other at school this last semester, but it
seemed to get more exciting when he met her at Disney.  We saw him briefly when we were there, then, they spent the whole next day at Disney together.
We  all embarrassed her when we waved at him and his family.
But you could certainly tell that she had eyes for him even though she
kept saying that she didn't know him that well.
Well, it's 2 weeks later, and she has a ring on her finger.
I guess she knows what she needs to know now.

My second reason is that I love my kids.  I love that they strive
for their righteous desires and don't give up!
You rock!