Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!

Nothing says love like a "graceful" gazelle leap in a game of
Mother-May-I during  Family Home Evening . . .
just because the kids asked you to do it.

It makes me love him even more.

 I've not always put my heart into the many holidays we have
because I've rebelled against the commercialism.
But as I get older, I realize that I can take the good and leave the bad.
I can choose to show my love for my family and others.
So, as someone pointed out the other day, Valentines is the perfect
holiday for love because it is between Christmas and Easter.
This inspired me.  I actually had big plans to do more than usual
 (unfortunately, not everything got done--sorry college kids!).
I hope my family realizes that I love them very much
and that no matter what, they have a Heavenly Father 
that loves them even more.
Happy Love Day!!


  1. Love the picture of the Bishop. I have always felt the same way but my kids love V Day. I try to do fun things for them and end up leaving Tim out. This year I decided to better and actually do something for Tim and we did a service for a sister I visit teach which I thought turned out to be the best way to celebrate a day of love. I think I'll have to make it a tradition to make i a day of service as well.

    1. Great idea! I love that we can make it more than just a romantic holiday.

    2. That is the most spontaneous picture I have ever seen of Joseph. I like it!