Saturday, February 18, 2012

YW-New Beginnings, "Treasures of the Heart", decor

I thought I'd share with you what I did for our New Beginnings program for Young Women's this last week.  Since it was the day after Valentines, we decided to do a heart theme.   We found a program idea on the site "Mormon Share" (sorry the link was down today so I can't include the link), named "Treasures of the Heart".  It only gave an outline, but that was enough to give us a jump off point.

Centerpieces inspired by a site on Pinterest.

Below is the garland that I found on Pinterest as well.

Here's how I made the hearts.  Cut 1" strips of foam (much firmer than paper).  The gold is sparkly only on one side so with their sticky backs, I had to put two together.  This made them thick but still cute.

Staple to pieces together about an inch down.

Bend them outward and staple them close to the end.  Where you staple will determine the size and shape of your hearts.

I actually started threading the hearts with nylon (clear) thread but found it hard to work with since I wanted space between the hearts.  I found using my colorful yarn much easier and prettier.

Our centerpieces were inspired by this image below found on Pinterest from Fiskars.  Click on the link and you'll see the other party ideas they have.


I deviated a little because I couldn't find Pixie Sticks and candy hearts are expensive.
I started with pipe cleaners and tissue that were the colors of the Young Women's Values, each in a small mason jar.  
It made it possible to use just a few candy hearts.

Hearts and flowers were punched from card-stock and hot glued back to back 
with the pipe cleaners in between.
I bent the small flowers' petals to give them a little dimension. 

Then I thought the tissue would have a greater impact if it came out the top like in a package.
Much better.

I made heart confetti for each color and sprinkled them on each table.

I was so busy that night, I didn't get a good picture of the room before we started, but I think you can see the confetti in this pic (a little)

Everything turned out great.  I think the night went well and the Spirit was felt.   We were lucky enough to have my Joseph as our bishopric member to speak to us.  His words were truly inspired.

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