Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Laguna Beach 2

Although, my camera is gone along with the pictures I took,
Dad let me have the pictures on his camera.

Here is the famous (in my mind) hole in the rock that we would go through to see the tide pools.
It's amazing how everything looks so much smaller than they did when you were young.
I remember my parents having to hold my hand as we waded through the water under the arch, so that I wouldn't go under.  Now, it seems the hole is filled in with sand.  The sand also seems to have
covered many of the tide pools.  I guess things never stay the same.

We were imagining living in one of these houses.

My camera still hasn't been recovered.  We even have a call into the police to see if someone turned it in.  Although we believe there are many good and honest people in the world, we also believe that somebody somewhere is enjoying a nice new camera free of charge.

But today, to my great joy, my camera has been replaced by a new one.  Yeeeaa!

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