Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Laguna Beach

I remember as a young child, going to Laguna Beach with my family.
My dad worked  with a lady that had a house on the beach.
We would visit her often.   I loved going to the beach nearby.
So, I asked my parents to come visit us and show us all the old places we'd used to go to.

The first place we went was one of my favorites, The Old Pottery Place.
I remember loving all the small figurines that they sold. 

This is what it looked like when I was a kid.
Doesn't it look like a cool place to find little treasures?
Well, time and money have changed it to a restaurant and some high end shops. Booo!

This dolphin was at an art gallery.

Notice the outfit?  I think she fit right in with the beach people.

I had more pictures to show, but unfortunately, my really nice (expensive) camera
got left behind.  In the commotion of getting everything back into the car without sand on it,
my camera case was left out.  At least that's what we think right now.
It was dark when we got home, so in the light of day tomorrow, we will check the car again.
I know it's just an object, but it truly saddened me to think of not having my camera.
It was a thoughtful (did I mention expensive?) gift from Joseph.
Mom and Dad were so sweet, they drove all the way back to see if they could find it.
No luck, but hopefully it will turn up tomorrow. 

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