Saturday, February 18, 2012

Recognition Medallion for Rachel !

I'm so pleased to share with you that our Rachel has reached a milestone in her life.
She has completed her Personal Progress as of last weekend! 
(8 values with several experiences each, plus a 10 hr project for each, not to mention the basics of living the gospel like attending church regularly, praying, etc.) 
And as her YW President--representing all the women who have helped her along the way-- I had the privilege of presenting her Recognition Medallion to her,
and her father put it on her neck.
She and another girl received them at New Beginnings this last Wed.
Unfortunately with all of us in the front of the room, we forgot to get
someone to take a picture of the presentation.  bummer.
But we are pleased as punch and so very proud of Rachel for this achievement.
We have certainly seen her grow in strength of character and purpose through this process.
Way to go Rachel!

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