Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Santa Monica Pier

Today, we decided to go somewhere we haven't been before, the Santa Monica Pier.
We saw all walks of life there as well as food, fun and performers.
When they say the "board walk" they should say "bumpy" walk.
Those boards I think have been there since the pier was originally built
They were so worn and bumpy, it was hard to walk at times.
Although we had jackets on, the sun came out and warmed it up a couple degrees.

Good day.

Abby's quote for the day:  We hear a giggle then Abby saying, 
"look, the clouds are trying to be a turtle!"

  Unfortunately, Rachel couldn't come today because she had play practice. :(
We saved Laguna Beach for tomorrow so she could go.

Got to have some artsy photos....

On to Laguna!!

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