Thursday, March 8, 2012

Abby's trike-a-thon

Yesterday, Abby's school had a "trike-a-thon" to help raise money.  The kids were so excited!

The boys were probably the fastest although some girls kept up.  Abby did a great job!
After awhile, a couple boys tried to make things more interesting by riding through the flags and by knocking down the cones.  By the end, it got a little out of hand.  The funny thing is that the other kids were oblivious.

This is Abby towards the end.  She was getting a little tuckered out but managed to finish 18 laps!

 The amazing thing is that even though the 4-yr-olds were tired from their race, they decided to help the 2-yr-olds, since many of them hadn't ridden before.  Abby was one of the first to help.
I guess giving service boosts the energy.

I love that girl!

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