Friday, March 9, 2012

organizing wrapping paper

The arrival of Joseph's new desk a couple weeks back has spurred me on to get our office organized.
It's a long way from done.  It seems that as I clean one area, it spills over into another one.
But as I was reading iheart organizing, I was inspired by  another of her guest posts about wrapping paper.  Go here to see her system.  I loved it but when I priced it out, it was over $100.  Wow, I'm not that committed to my wrapping. 
Below you'll see my weak attempts at bargain orgainizing, large gift bags and an over-stuffed wrapping paper storage container (that's actually meant for what I'm using it for).
I couldn't bring myself to spend $100, so I researched what other people were doing and I found  this idea if you want to use nails (cute!) and a pantry rack that you could either buy at Target or Chef's Catalog (this is the one I ordered).   I liked it because it was adjustable, inexpensive ($35) and wasn't permanent (no nails).  So I was excited to put it together and  hang it on the back of the door that leads to the bathroom adjacent to the office.  
I used elastic in two places:  (1) in a "V" on the gift bag shelf so that they wouldn't slip out the back side. (2) half way to the bottom shelf, to hold the rolls of wrapping paper.

It all worked great until I realized that the door wouldn't shut because of the hooks.  So, word to the wise, check all of your dimensions before moving forward.  But what I learned from my parents is that you can always find a solution.

My next best option was this little corner on the side of a large cabinet. 
Since there isn't any place for the hooks, I had to use nails.  But it's not
permanent because the cabinet isn't a built-in and there's minimal damage.
(I think it's better than nails in a door because I might change my mind or move again)

I went through the tissues and bags and threw out the unusable.  I still kept a lot of the tissue 
because I couldn't help but think of using the wrinkled tissue for craft projects.
(the top of the cabinet's gonna get worked on too)
Ribbons are on the small top shelf.  tissue next.  Then the bags.

So my wrapping papers went from this . . .

to this.  Much better.

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  1. Oh YAY! So much better! I love how it turned out and that you were able to make it work so well for you! Thank you for sharing!