Monday, March 12, 2012

open wide

We've finally, or should I say, I've finally got the kids to the dentist here in Ca.
We were doing well in NC, going every 6 months, but I put it off after the move.
So I was really nervous about what we'd see.  We already know that Abby has a mouth full of
cavities and is seeing a special dentist this week.  So today was Bekah, Matthew, and Esther's turn.
The ladies in the office were so good with the kids.
They were so impressed with Abby's comforting skills ("you're doing great Matthew!) that they
let her help.  She has now added being a dentist to her growing up list, right next to policewoman and firefighter.

I'm thrilled to say that Matthew and Esther were given a clean bill of health!
No cavities!
I can't say that for Bekah.  She had two! (sorry, no pics to tease her with this time)
I guess I need to add another child to my nagging list.

If only all the trips to the dentist could produce such good feelings.

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