Sunday, March 11, 2012

Break a Leg!?

The orange blossoms are in bloom and the scent is heavenly!!
I love walking outside when the breeze brings me a sniff!

This weekend was opening night for Rachel's musical at school "Tommy" by the Who.
Unfortunately, while performing for the teachers, she tripped backstage and rolled her ankle....again.
This is the same ankle that she rolled a month ago and the one that she broke in Jr. high.
Thankfully, it wasn't as bad this time but she was forced to help out backstage instead of perform.
This was also unfortunate for us since we bought tickets to see her Saturday night.
We went anyway and thoroughly enjoyed it.  We were very impressed with all the talent and in all the details that were put into the set, costumes and choreography.

Maybe if Rachel takes care of her ankle this week, she'll be able to perform on the weekend.
The flowers are from a friend that went to see her in the play not knowing that she was injured.
They smell wonderful too!

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