Monday, April 9, 2012

Catalina Island, then and now part 2

I just love comparing my childhood with my children's.  So that's what I continued to do with the first few photos below.  Then I just included those from our trip on Friday.

Look how cozy my parents were on the boat.  So cute!
It would have been nice to be cozy on the boat going over, but I spent most of my time with my eyes closed, praying that the motion sickness meds would do their job.  I think Joseph did too, but I did open my eyes long enough to take some pictures.  Esther and Abby loved watching out the front window.

I shared this photo before on this blog, but I want to point out the teal building just over Colleen's head.  That's a seafood restaurant at the end of the pier.

That building is even the same color it was then.  It's where we went to enjoy our ice cream. 
 (our boat is in the background)

This is me (the blond one, yes I'm a true blond, just re-incarnating my youth) and my sister Julie.  
Notice the pudgy belly? Well . . .

Abby comes by it honestly.  We got a good look at it while she was making "sand angels".

Dad's trying to race me!

I've shared many pictures in the past of Catalina Island in the distance.  Now I'm sharing the opposite view of the hill we live on . . .from a distance.  It's all you can see because of the haze. 
 By the end of the day, we were ready to go back to it.

Although our boat looks like it was smooth sailing, the sea had picked up in choppiness since the morning.  The swells were larger which would raise the boat up then drop it with a thud.  The crew were often asking if we needed a bag.  I guess several people did.  
We didn't need one because our second dose of drugs made us so drowsy, we slept most of the way.  
Which is what we will do again, the next time we venture out to Catalina.

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