Saturday, April 21, 2012

"J" is for Jacob

At Abby's preschool, they have a focus letter each week.  This last week was the letter "J".  
The kids are encouraged to bring something from home that starts with that letter to share with the class.
It just so happened that she had a very large something at home that started with "J"...Jacob.
He has been home this last week for his spring break, how convenient!
So we went to her school just before school was to be out so that she could share her big brother.

She quickly handed him a book to read to the class.
He did so well that he got to read another.

Then as we waited for the other parents to arrive, they had time to do a little dance that involved contortions while sticking out your tongue.  Jacob was being such a good sport.  I wish I had recorded it.  Too funny!

Then after school, the kids continued to play while the moms talked.  
Jacob became their favorite playmate.
He was their horse.

And he played tag.

He came with me every day so that Abby could have him meet the kids that weren't there the day before.  By Friday, he had 10 kids chasing him around the grass.
You should have seen the way they were looking at him.  When he stopped running, they swarmed around him.  Little kids love it when big people play with them especially if those big people are still kids too.  They loved him!  
Abby is so fortunate to have not only Jacob but other brothers and sisters that love her and spend time with her.  Big families are great!

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