Thursday, April 19, 2012

The last of Sarah and Joseph's break

Spring break for the college kids is almost over, well, it's over for Sarah and Joseph.
They had to go home at the first of this week.  
So here are a couple highlights of the remainder of our week together.

 Rachel showed off her skills performing a part of a Shakespeare play.  
 The family went on a hike which included . . . .

 Dad (Super Man) saving Abby (not seen in the pic) from Esther (on the swing) as she tried to run in front of her.  

Get a load of those faces!  I wish we had pictures of the rest of us.  That would be priceless!
 Monopoly-Matthew was winning.  Too bad we had to stop playing. :)
And dinner down by the pier on a totally freezing night (California style)
Now we're enjoying Jacob at home.
Sure do look forward to having everyone home again at some point.  Good times!

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