Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Design your own fabric!

For all you fabric lovers, crafters and designers, I just discovered a cool site that allows you to design, buy and even sell your own fabric.

My love for fabric started when going to the fabric store with my mother, who is a great seamstress.  I remember walking around the store with my hands out so that I could feel the textures and was especially drawn to the bright colors and/or the soft textures.

But even though I haven't done a lot of sewing lately, I still get excited about fabric.  I even have a closet full of fabric.  I'll share that another day.  So when I discovered Spoon Flower, while reading my Better Homes and Gardens magazine, I knew I had to take a peak.

It took me a matter of 2 minutes of browsing to decide that I wanted an account too.  I can now design my own fabric and keep it to myself or share with others to buy.  If anything, it will be a lot of fun just to design!

You can upload any kind of picture whether it be a photo, hand drawn picture, or digital design.  They give you instructions of how to do it.

They also give you a wide range of fabric choices, all being white..  

This is one of those ideas that you say "why didn't I think of that?"  I'm always looking for a certain kind of fabric and end up looking through several stores to find what's in my head.  Often times I have to compromise and get something close because what I want is too expensive or doesn't exist.  I will say that Spoonflower isn't cheap, at least compared to your local fabric shop.  I would say they compare with the home decorator fabrics in price.  But still, the idea of getting what you really want and saying that your project was truly yours from start to finish is worth it.

I also found  that the Daily Grommet did a video segment on Spoonflower if you want to know a little more about them.

Happy creating!

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