Sunday, May 6, 2012

We went to a fancy gala

Last night, Joseph and I were invited to attend a gala for the Japanese American Museum.  The museum seeks to educate others on the internment of the Japanese Americans during WWII.  They were put in concentration camps right here in America,   Many in attendance had actually been in the camps while others were children and grandchildren of those that were sent.  Although I knew that this was a part of our American history, I hadn't realized the impact it had made on the Japanese community.

Many stories were told of their love for America and their bewilderment as to why their beloved country would take away their liberties.  You might think that they would be bitter about their treatment, that they would belittle America, but I found something totally different.  Instead they told of enduring with dignity and the ideals of freedom.  They still believed that America was a land of liberty.

The main honoree of the evening was a man who remembered being in the camps at a young age.  As he grew to adulthood, he entered public service and fought to have the camps recognized as wrong.  He became a congressman, Secretary of Agriculture under Pres. Clinton, then Secretary of Transportation under Pres. Bush.  All the while he used the system to bring to light the wrongs that were done to the Japanese.

The evening was one of patriotism not bitterness. Very impressive.

What was not so impressive was the availability of modest evening dresses.  It seems you either have to show skin up top or down below.  This is the only dress I found that didn't show either.  And now looking at it, black was the wrong color for my  tank underneath or the shoes and purse should have been black.  Oh well, it was good considering that I bought it and put it together the day of the event.  Abby didn't care.  She loves it when I dress up.  She thought I was be-au-ti-ful!

Joseph looked especially handsome, but then again, he always does.

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