Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Mormon" Prom (Rachel's 1st prom)

So I guess I missed posting about Rachel's "Mormon" prom.  I think it was during my blog break.

Anyway, LDS or Mormon prom is big around here.  There were at least 3 stakes (which includes about 5-10 congregations each) were involved.  The prom gives the opportunity for the kids, 16-18 yrs-old, to have fun in a safe and wholesome atmosphere with others that are like-minded.  They were highly encouraged to have a date, although in the end, a few came alone.    There were hundreds of kids in attendance, some of which were not members of the Church.  As long as they agree to abide by the dress code and church standards, they were welcome to join in the fun.

Sam, a friend from early morning Seminary, was Rachel's date.

The kids all met at a member's house to have a before the party party (yes, that's the ocean behind them).
Don't they look beautiful?!
Because they are dressed modestly, you actually notice their shining faces more.

To ensure their safety and fun, our stake rented a bus to get them there and back.  Nice.
I think Rachel had a great time. 

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