Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rachel's 2nd prom

Tis the season for prom and it's Rachel's turn.  Already, she's attended LDS (Mormon) Prom, which I seem to overlook posting here.  I'll share those later.  For now, it's all about the school's prom tonight.

Rachel fell in love with this dress at first sight.  She found it on the internet and pestered me for weeks to buy it.  It started out strapless, but we had a friend make it more modest.
Isn't she pretty?!
Sparkles certainly suit her.

Abby thought she looked beautiful.

Hunter is her good friend from church.  They should have a great time together.

They went doubles with her friend Katie and her date.

Rachel has very long and thick hair.  The more than 2 hour process to put it up started like this, curling and spraying every hair.

With tons of hairspray and many pins later, her hair turned out beautifully.

Miss "Sunshine" is off to share her sparkle.

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