Saturday, May 19, 2012

My last Mother's day at preschool

With all the wedding excitement, I didn't get to share my special day at Abby's preschool.
They had a "Mother's Tea" full of songs, stories, good food and adorable presents all from the kids.

Ms. Saenz is the reason that we chose this school.  She truly loves the kids and is always thinking of them first.

The boy next to her is her good friend Logan.

The children set our beautiful tables themselves.

The children were doing all the serving

When Abby asked what I wanted, I told her fruit (I still had the wedding to look good for).
But when she returned with my plate, I could only count 4 pieces of fruit.  The rest of my plate was covered in sweet breads of all kinds.  Bless her heart!

This was the goodie bag we used to take home all the wonderful gifts she made.

Later Abby was thrilled to hear that we would have Mother's day again on Sunday.  She was convinced that the one at school was it.
This was a great reminder of all the wonderful events that I attended with all my other children.  I'm truly grateful to be a mother to such outstanding people.  
It's been said that children teach us what is more important about life than anything we could ever teach them.  
I completely agree.  I'm truly a better person for knowing them.

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  1. How fun. I LOVE how the teacher involved the kids so much in setting the table and serving you your food. So many times people (me included) forget to have the kids do things because we think they might spill or it might not look as nice. What a great teaching moment for them.