Friday, June 22, 2012

3 is not enough

In our family, we sometimes tease each other about what it would be like if we only had one, two or three children.  There would be less mess, less fighting, more money to go around, no room sharing, etc. (you get the picture).  Everyone points to Abby as the one that will get to experience it firsthand since she is the last one.

We are getting a taste of what it would be like, right now.
While Joseph and I were on our business trip, my sister-in-law, Aunt Tammy, came and swooped our three youngest off to her house in AZ for 2 weeks.  She'll bring them back next week for when we return from our church pioneer trek.  

So for now, we only have 3 teenage children at home.  To some people, that still seems like a good size family, but to us, there's something missing.  I'll admit, on first thought, what's missing is the mess and ear piercing noise.  But we've gotten a lot done, a lot of reading and cleaned the house thoroughly and amazingly enough it stayed that way! (I kind of like that part).

Honestly though, I do miss the laughter, skipping, singing, stories, smiles, teasing, kisses, hugs and foot patter. I miss the dynamics of all the kids together and yes that includes the noise.  I love my large family and miss them when we are apart.

As you can tell, though, Abby is having the time of her life and hasn't even mentioned us (me)!

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