Friday, June 15, 2012

Abby's preschool graduation with some adorable videos

WooHoo!  We have a preschool graduate! 
 As you can tell Abby enjoyed the ceremonies.  
Below are videos of some of the cute songs the kids sang.
Make sure you watch the last one, it's my favorite.

And last but not least, my favorite song.  It's a song from Veggie Tales 
that Abby has added her own sassy flair.

As each child walked down the aisle to get their diploma, a poem was read that described them.  
This is what was said about Abby that seems to fit her to a tee:

Abby spends everyday playing with all her friends. 
 She loves and cares for them just like a mother hen. 
She likes to build and solve puzzles with her friends on the rug. 
If anyone gets hurt or sad, she is always first to bring them a hug.

Our proud graduate and her loving teacher Ms. Saenz.
Ms. Saenz and Mrs Escander, the assistant teacher, were the reasons we chose this school.  They have been very nurturing and loving towards Abby and all the children in their class.  Mrs Escander was especially taken with Abby's happy personality.  When I dropped her off for her last day, I got a little choked up as I walked away.  Not necessarily for Abby growing up but for the fact we were leaving such a warm  and happy experience that included these wonderful women.  Hopefully her future will be filled with teachers like them.

And of course, we had a celebratory dinner out.

Congratulations Abby!  I love you!

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