Saturday, June 16, 2012

The biggest hotel room I've seen

Once a year, Joseph has been part of the strategic planning for the credit union and I've always been invited to go along.  Even though he has to work during the day, we have the afternoons and evenings to enjoy together.

And this year is no different except for the company, people, activities, and amount of money spent. I think this is the biggest luxury hotel room (bungalow) we've ever stayed in!  It has two living areas and two bathrooms!  I tried hard not to let my mouth gape like a country bumpkin when the bell boy showed us the room.

This is our patio that spans both rooms.  It's cloudy outside so the water seems to blend into the sky, but it's there.

This is our living/dining room.

It's complete with a big screen TV, Bose sound system, and fireplace.

The master bath with separate shower and soaking tub plus a "water closet".
There is also a smaller guest bath off the living area.

The tub has a window over it that opens into the bedroom.

This is the view of the bedroom out to the deck with a another fireplace and big screen TV right next to it.

And finally our front door.
Even though this isn't a true vacation, we feel very fortunate to be able to experience some of the finer things in life and do it together (especially since we don't have to pay for it).
  I'll share more about our "interesting" activities later.
I think I'm going to go explore.

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