Sunday, June 3, 2012

Engineers unite!

Slack Mom here, who forgot to post about her own son being selected to go to a symposium at Honda this week.   I think my brain waves have been extra slow.

So Matthew was chosen by the teacher of his STEM (robotics) class even though he's only been in there only part of the year (a long story involving me chewing out the school course counselor).  Anyway, he loves robotics and was thrilled to be able to go.

Matthew and his partner operate their robot.

One drives and the other  uses the claw to pick up a tennis ball and put it in a jar.

That wood track in the back is like a souped up pinewood derby race track.  Don't blink or you'll miss the cars.
The tables in the front are the makings of all different kinds of robots.

The high school worked all year on a robot that used GPS to navigate from cone to cone.

Engineers unite!!
With great programs like this, we'll keep inspiring new generations to love science.

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