Thursday, July 12, 2012

17 years young

How do you celebrate the birthday of a Disney lover?
You go to Disney! (yes, we went . . . again).
Rachel turned 17 today!  Yea!
So you think we may have seen everything at Disney by now, but we haven't.
Here's some new stuff.

Merrida is a beautiful girl with beautiful skin and pretty blue eyes.  For real! 

Jacob always seems to win at the toy story ride (okay, not new)

Abby has got the mouth open "Rachel pose" down.

Fish are just as fun as horses. 

I looked up and saw my name on the badge of our lunch (ice cream) lady!
Hey, I wear glasses too! 

We finally got to ride the Matterhorn that's not been open since we moved here.
The best part was that . . . .
We managed to talk the girls into riding it too. Shocker.
Notice the look of concern on Esther's face?
Thankfully, it went away and she thoroughly enjoyed the ride.
I think we are one step closer to getting her on the Tower of Terror.
Baby steps.

Lastly, this isn't anything new, but I am so grateful for having Rachel as my daughter these last 17 years.  She has been a joy!
Happy Birthday Rachel!  I love you bunches!
Congratulations on getting the highest score possible on your AP test!  You rock!

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