Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A little Texas love

It's funny, but after we moved away from TX 9 yrs ago, we had no desire to go back except to visit family.  So I was surprised to feel such a connection when we visited last week.
Besides my family, there are some other things that I truly love about Texas.
It's rustic

 I loved the fluffy clouds that dotted the sky as far as you can see (from an overpass that is).

 The Las Colinas Mustangs
 Lots of farm land


 Sonic (I know they are all over now, but I knew them first in TX; their tater tots are the best!)

boiled peanuts (really a southern thing but I've only really had them in TX except for this last time; we left before this batch was done, bummer)

 Rocking porches to watch the fireflies

Small towns with old brick buildings

My new love, garlic knots, yum!

And Texas pride.

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