Monday, July 23, 2012

Celebrate! (wedding collage barrage)

Let the celebrating begin!
After the sealing (wedding) on Friday, we all traveled to Mt. Pleasant.
We used the next 24 hours to prepare for the reception and ring ceremony.
Because Jimmy's family are not members of the church, they weren't able to attend the sealing ceremony in the temple and were very sad for it.  So they decided to have a ring ceremony so that they could be there for a special moment.
It turned out beautifully.

Her colors were black, cream and a touch of sky blue.  Very pretty!

The majority of the Whitaker clan were able to attend.

Everyone had a great time on the dance floor! 

Sarah caught the bouquet (finally! missed it at Karissa's by an arm length) but that put Abby into tears (she cried at Karissa's wedding too).  Krystal graciously threw it again and Sarah let Abby catch and keep it.  Smiles all around!
Joey MC'd the night and did a fabulous job!

YMCA . . . classic.
Even Grandma W. fast danced! 

 Grandpa W. giving his grandfatherly advice and my girls just being them . . . beautiful.

Bubbles, saran wrap, Oreos and a hug from Dad, then they are off to start eternity together.
What a great way to start!

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