Monday, July 30, 2012


Time has past, but I have to tell you about something significant that happened to me.

I broke my toe . . . I think.

 This is what it looked like the day after I injured it.  The bruise eventually changed shape and there was a little bit at the bottom of my toe.  We didn't get it examined because I hear they can't do much for it anyway, so why pay a doctor?  That's why I'm just guessing it's broke.

This is how it happened . . .
When we were in TX for Krystal's wedding, we went to her home town for the reception.  By their house, we were walking down a road to see these horses, the colt in particular.

Then we saw these cows on the side of the road, who had gotten loose from their pasture.

It made us a little nervous, but we walked right past them, no big deal.

While the girls were fawning over the new colt, I turned around to see this cow below grazing peacefully in an open field.
I took a couple of shots. Then, when I turned back around, I slipped in a cow pie left by the previously mentioned escaped cows.  I quickly caught myself with my other foot.  Unfortunately, I was wearing flip flops (the worst country walking shoes ever), so the end caught the ground and I ended up using my toes to stop falling.  They were all fine except the second one that got curled under.  
I thought I just scraped the nail, but it continued to hurt.
(and for those of you wondering, no I didn't get any "pie" on my feet)

It's been 2 weeks now and most of the time I don't notice it, but it is still bruised and hurts a little. 

Why am I telling you that this is significant?

Because, I've never broken a bone in my life!
I haven't even sprained anything (I guess I have a good guardian angel)

This is my first!   And I must say, if I would break one again, that would be it, because it's part of my toe that I don't use a lot, the very end.  And if I know that I am going to walk a lot, I just tape it up.

So even though it's not really dramatic, I finally have a broken bone story to tell . . . I think.

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