Sunday, July 29, 2012

Head in the clouds?

Did anyone ever tell you that you have your head in the clouds?
that you need to come back down to earth?
Guess what . . .

 if you will . . .

you'll go places, see new sights, accomplish big things, and discover your God given talents.

This sign that I photographed at a Disney ride is so applicable to life.
Originally, I was thinking of my children and the girls that I teach at church.
If you aim for eternal life, great things happen in your life like temple marriage,  a good education, a loving family, a great work ethic, peace of mind, and hope to name a few.

But this can also be applicable for everyone in life.
If you don't aim for the clouds, then you'll always be on the ground.

Dream + Determination + Discipline - Doubt = Destiny

Destiny . . . you make your own.

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