Friday, July 20, 2012

Krystal's wedding day

What a beautiful day.
I love watching two people come together and commit to each other their lives.
Krystal, our niece, and Jimmy were adorable together!


Gary (dad), Vaughn (mom), Jimmy, Krystal, Millie (grandma), Joe (grandpa)

 Our society would have us believe that marriage is unnecessary or at least a convenience that is ended when it becomes inconvenient.  But hope is renewed when two young people come together to promise their love with the thought that it will last forever.  
Many things in life are fleeting, but isn't it wonderful that our most important relationships, our family, can last forever.
Weddings remind me of this and how grateful I am for a wonderful husband who cherishes the same knowledge.  I love him for that, for it gives me hope, comfort, peace, and strength.

Krystal and Jimmy are headed in the right direction.

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