Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Diamond Head & Pearl Harbor

For some reason we thought we had about 2 weeks after vacation to get ready for school.
But have discovered that it starts next Tues! 
We are so not ready!
So pictures of Hawaii will be comin the next couple of days while I try and
get everyone prepared.

The following sites are must sees for Oahu!

If you like short strenuous (at least to me) hikes, Diamond Head crater is great.
The view up top is worth the panting.

Pearl Harbor is a sobering yet inspirational site.
The USS Arizona still entombs those that weren't able to escape the explosion.
And for those that survived, they can choose to have their ashes returned to the ship so that they
can join their shipmates.   What loyalty!

The good that came from such a tragedy was the strengthening of our country for the common good, bravery, and patriotism.  
The end of the war is marked with the USS Missouri which sits bow to bow with the Arizona ("bookends to the war").  It is the ship where the peace treaty was signed.
Did you know that a 19-yr-old Japanese comakazi pilot was headed for the Missouri but was shot down.  When he hit the deck of the ship, his plane broke in half, the back and bomb fell in the water while the front skid across the ship.  The crew wanted to wash the wreckage over board but the captain said they would give the pilot a full honors burial at sea.  When asked why, he reminded them that the young pilot had a family at home and was fighting for his country too.

We heard other stories like that which just reminds us that we are all 
God's children trying to do our best.  And that there is good in the world.

I am so grateful for the men and women who take seriously the protection of our country's safety, freedom and honor.   It is a privilege to live in America where I can say that  I'm also grateful to be a child of God.

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