Monday, August 20, 2012

My Oahu favorites

I'm home finally!
After a week of camp and a week in Hawaii, I'm home to stay.
Thankfully, Sarah has been wonderful in keeping the house in order and the kids safe and happy.
She's pretty great!  Thank you bunches sweetie!

 A must for Oahu is renting a Jeep and going to Laie, the town that has the LDS temple, BYU-Hawaii, and . . .
The Polynesian Cultural Center (love it!!).  For those of you who don't know, the PCC's employees are 80% students from BYU (right next door).  
They use it as a way for the Polynesian kids  and other students to earn money for school. 
 The guy pictured (holding a coconut like a football) started working there as a student and has actually been there for 25 years.  He graduated in fine arts and is now selling his art work there.  We see his performance every time we go.   He's a favorite!!
We also learned to hula, weave, spear throw, swing balls (it's harder than it looks!), and eat (of course).  The evening show was the best we've seen all these years.  It now uses all the cultures to teach a principle dear to the LDS faith, the plan of life centered around the family.  It wasn't only entertaining, but moving as well.. 
Loved it!  A must see!

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