Saturday, August 25, 2012

pre-chipmunk snorkeling in Hawaii

There is a lot going on here, but only centered on a couple of things.  Most of our activity centers around preparing for school and Jacob.
Yesterday, he got his wisdom teeth out in preparation for his upcoming mission.
I did take pictures and some funny video of him slurring his words and giggling, but I won't embarrass him by posting them here.  Just know that we all got a good laugh.  He now looks like a chipmunk.

Our last adventure in Hawaii was snorkeling.  Unfortunately, my waterproof camera was running out of batteries, so most of our pics were taken with disposable cameras from the store (no zooming).  So the underwater pictures didn't turn out unless we were only a couple of feet away (yes, I did get close to a turtle, cool).  Here are some that turned out and don't incriminate us too much.

Have a great weekend!  It's our last hurrah before school starts!

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