Sunday, August 26, 2012

What is that? Favorite artistic photos from Hawaii

This will be my last post about Hawaii. 
In a way, it tells the story of our trip, visually.
Make sure you go to the end to see the sister picture to the first photo.
The store window of Louis Vuitton.

flame from a tiki torch

large awning over the outside eating porch at a restaurant on the beach

sunset, Waikiki Beach 

Rachel's first day on the beach

corral stone I found while laying on Waikiki Beach

The beautiful grounds at the temple.

Two random people at sunset, Waikiki Beach

wave crashing at lava rock pier while I was photographing the kids surfing

The Missouri battleship at Pearl Harbor.

The "Tree of Life" at Pearl Harbor

Memorial at Pearl Harbor

Jacob imitating the store window.  
Great memories, now back to real life.

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